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October 19, 2023

ThermalWorks Launches Advanced Waterless Cooling System Built to Handle High-Density IT Loads While Conserving Scarce Water Resources

The fully integrated, modular system dramatically reduces energy usage and eliminates water consumption in any climate.

NEW YORK, NY — ThermalWorks, a subsidiary of Endeavour devoted to sustainable data infrastructure, announced the global launch of its state-of-the-art, waterless cooling system built for the fast-changing data center industry. The ultra-efficient, modular design is set to revolutionize how traditional data centers operate by significantly reducing energy usage and eliminating water consumption in cooling operations. The company has begun shipping its integrated cooling system to clients across Europe and North America.

ThermalWorks is designed to handle the ever-increasing density loads that are required from Artificial Intelligence and high-performance GPU-based computing. The system supports densities of up to 70 kW per rack with air cooling and up to 200 kW per rack with plug-and-play liquid cooling integration. It offers waterless solutions that consistently outperform air-and water-cooled systems and can operate in high ambient temperatures beyond 135°F.­­­

“As the digital economy expands exponentially, data centers are driving mass water consumption at a time when water scarcity is worsening worldwide,” said John Costakis, Chief Executive Officer of ThermalWorks. “Our energy-efficient, waterless cooling system is designed to meet the dual challenges of climate change and advanced computing head on. ThermalWorks is a future-proof solution for a warming world.”

The system enables the lowest peak and average Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of any air-cooled chiller system on the market, cutting overhead energy consumption by 73% compared with the global average – even in the hottest climates. By eliminating water for cooling, ThermalWorks saves more than 385 million gallons of water each year for every 100 MW data center. This is a much-needed shift from traditional data centers that put incredible pressure on the local power grid to keep servers cool and consume billions of gallons of water each year in the U.S. alone.

ThermalWorks supports a temperature delta of 60ºF between supply fluid and return fluid—three times higher than traditional chillers. This allows the system to support high density liquid cooling and air cooling on the same circuit for hybrid, all-liquid and all-air data halls. The chiller features autonomous optimization logic, built-in controls, and industry-leading oil-free Danfoss Turbocor® centrifugal compressors with magnetic bearings and integrated variable speed drive. The result is predictable performance, low sound levels, low-maintenance operation and a long design life.

About ThermalWorks
ThermalWorks is a leading provider of advanced zero-water modular cooling systems for data centers and commercial buildings. Its hyper-efficient chillers are built to handle high-density loads and high ambient temperatures while dramatically reducing energy usage and eliminating water consumption. Based in New York, ThermalWorks is an Endeavour company.
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About Endeavour
Endeavour is an innovation platform purpose-built to support the reliable, rapid growth and sustainable operations of global cloud and logistics companies. It develops and scales distributed energy, water and IT infrastructure with cloud companies.
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